America's Kids Need Our Retailers to be Tobacco-Free


Our Mission

Tobacco use is the nation’s number one preventable cause of death, killing 480,000 Americans and costing the nation $289 billion in health care bills and lost productivity each year. The vast majority of smokers start as kids.

The Tobacco-Free Retailer campaign challenges America’s retailers to help save lives and create a tobacco-free generation by ending the sale of tobacco products.

Responsible retailers across the country – from independently-owned stores to major corporations like CVS, Wegmans and Target – now recognize that selling these deadly products sends the wrong message to kids and damages the overall health of their customers and communities.

The Tobacco-Free Retailer campaign will highlight and support retailers that do not sell tobacco products and encourage other retailers to join them. By making it easy to find tobacco-free retailers nearest you, it will empower consumers to shop tobacco-free and steer their business to retailers who reject the death and disease caused by tobacco.

Join us in making the next generation tobacco-free.

The Facts on Smoking

Tobacco use is the number one cause of preventable death in the United States, taking an enormous toll in lives, health and medical costs. The vast majority of smokers start as kids.

Responsible retailers should not be in the business of selling tobacco products that addict so many children and cause so much death and disease. Retailers can help save lives and create a tobacco-free generation by choosing not to sell tobacco products.

Here are 10 reasons why retailers should be tobacco-free – and why consumers should shop tobacco-free: