America's Kids Need
Our Retailers to be Tobacco-Free


Retailer Wall of Fame & Shame

Responsible retailers don’t sell tobacco products– the number one cause of preventable death in the United States. Learn which retailers do and don’t sell tobacco products.*


Wall of Fame Wall of Shame

*The Tobacco-Free Retailer project informs consumers about a retailer's policy on tobacco sales, encourages them to shop at tobacco-free retailers and urges other retailers to end tobacco sales. It includes information about the types of retailers that traditionally have sold tobacco products, including convenience stores, gas stations with convenience stores, supermarkets and other grocery stores, retail pharmacies (drug stores), mass merchandisers and discount stores. Our lists are not comprehensive and will be updated as we obtain additional information. In addition, 92 municipalities in the United States currently prohibit tobacco sales in pharmacies, according to Americans for Nonsmokers' Rights. Our map and lists do not currently include all of the pharmacies in these municipalities.